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Indeed, the floods began on 12-08-17 was the mother of all floods Bihar witnessed in 15 years. In the aftermath, many of our believers suffered loses to their valuables while some of them even lost their lives. Around 1000 people were declared dead. The lower Ganges river basin, the largest densely populated river basin on earth was almost submerged in flood waters. As far as E.C.F.C. believers were concerned, regions near Bihar – West Bengal boarder was the severely affected. As soon as the flood news was reported, we made multiple attempts to visit our congregation there. Our efforts were in vain since miles of rods got eroded in the raging floods. Realizing the immediate need of our believers, we partnered with one of our ministry partners in the area. It was through them that we commenced the initial rescue mission by providing emergency supplies like food packets, medicines etc. The people resided in government-provided relief shelters didn’t meet basic living standards. Realizing their need and future rehabilitation, men & women of God came to help us.

1.It took a month of hard work by our volunteers and staff to rehabilitative the people up to a certain extent. We conducted a quick survey to identify the neediest homeless believer families and shortlisted to four. Funds were released immediately and construction was begun for these 4 houses. Construction jobs were bit of sluggish progress caused by the unavailability of construction materials immediately after flood. So, we had to compromise on time schedule and wait for the resources to become available.

2.The floods were followed by chilling winters as it made more trouble to the people. As an immediate response to the situation, winter clothes, blankets etc. were distributed across 7 locations. We opened a relief camp from 07-12-17 to 11-12-17 in the wake of the harsh winter season.

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